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Rooter is an Indian sports application that introduces gaming and esports streaming. Over 10 million plus downloads the app boasts to being India’s biggest game streaming app. The app is offered by Rooter sports for free and contains ads. Watching live gaming experiences has become a recent trend and if you are a gamer then this app is the best pick for you.

Rooter allows you to watch live streams of your fellow gamers, stream your own live game experiences and more. It also offers many prizes and money in return, furthermore you can also win giveaways from various gamers.

The app Offers many amazing features that contribute towards a fantastic gaming experience. Expand your gaming world by availing these features. To read about them you can scroll through the content listed below.

What is Rooter Apk?

Rooter apk is a game and esports streaming application that is free to download from your play stores. Although it contains a few limitations that you can remove by paying the subscription charges. Gamers around the world can download this app to connect to others of their kind and showcase their talents.

The app contains awesome features such as audio rooms, high quality resolution, watching live streams of pro gamers, earning money, giveaways, rewards, option of multiple languages and much more.

What is Rooter Mod Apk?

Rooter mod apk is the modified or hack version of the app. This app has no limitations and has been completely unlocked. You can enjoy all of its features, premium as well as cheat ones without having to pay any money. This is a desirable option for those of you who don’t want to spend their money on apps.

There are plenty of very useful mod features that gamers can enjoy such as getting unlimited coins, by which you can buy all the stuff you want. You can also get rid of the ads in the mod version and many other must have features.

What is the use of Rooter app?

Rooster is an Indian application that started out with sports live streaming and metamorphosed into a gaming and Esports streaming application. The graphics and streaming quality are high end just like it is on popular social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitch and others. Rooster offers a multitude of features such as watching live streams, streaming your games, earning money and much more.

Does Rooter app give money?

Yes, Rooster gives you the opportunity to earn money and win rewards by watching videos, referring and streaming your own gaming experiences. You can make money without investing , you can also collect coins and then redeem them into real money.


Easy to Use

Many other streaming apps require you to set up different kinds of equipment, but Rooter is very simply designed. Its UI is very simple and easy to use. You can stream simply by using the camera of your phone and turning it to face you. All you need is your phone to operate this application and you are good to go.

Audio Rooms

While playing intense games like free fire, pubg, fortnite and bgmi you feel the need to connect with your teammates. Now Rooter makes this possible by providing audio rooms in the game so you can communicate with your group. Enjoy a live gaming and streaming experience with your game buddies.

Full HD Video Quality

Rooter is a live streaming application that lets you live stream your games at 1080p similar to how it is in all the other social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitch and others. You can watch and stream games at full HD resolution.

Watch Live Streams

If you are a gaming enthusiast you must be on the lookout to stream pro players across the world. Now by using an application like twitch you can watch live streams of various professional players. Watch players live stream games like PUBG, Free Fire, GTA, fortnite and many more. Although you can watch live streams on many other social media platforms, the benefit of Rooter is that you will be able to watch all your live stream videos in one place which will save you a lot of time and energy.

Giveaways and Rewards

Just as famous YouTubers conduct giveaways for their fans, the gamers also plan giveaways for their fans and gain more followers in return. Participate in such events and win awesome prizes. The app also gives you rewards for watching videos, live streaming your games and esport stream. You can earn coins and redeem them in the form of real money, skins, your favorite game characters and more.

Multiple Languages

You can use the app in a variety of different languages such as English, Hindi, Spanish, Marathi. You can select whichever language you prefer from these.

Mod Features

Unlimited Coins

You can enjoy an unlimited amount of coins using the mod version of this app provided on our website. The mod version offers the fully unlocked Rooter app where you will never run out of coins. And you can enjoy buying different things from this money.

Live Stream on Different Platforms

Do you want to share your gaming live streams on different social media platforms? Then you can do so by using the mod version of this app without having to pay for it. Share your live gaming experience with fans on YouTube, Instagram, facebook and more.

No Ads

If you are annoyed by the ads in this app then you should consider downloading our mod version which does not include any such ads. You can freely use the app and fully concentrate on your streaming activities.


Rooter is an amazing opportunity for all gamers and game lovers to connect to the gaming community and show off their own skill and talent to the world. And not only that they get to earn money and win amazing rewards not to mention the frequent giveaways. With so many exciting features discussed above Rooter is the ultimate gaming app that every gamer should have. Now with the mod version of the app available on this page of our website you absolutely cannot refuse this free and unlimited fun bundle. Click the download link above to start streaming right away. Share your thoughts on the app in the comment section below.


Q. How do you get unlimited coins on Rooter app?

You can get unlimited coins on Rooter app by downloading the mod version of the app.

Q. Is Rooter app for streaming?

Yes the Rooter app is a gaming and esports streaming application



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