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There is a very high competition when it comes to entertainment applications available on the internet. Most of the entertainment applications are developed by India because the people over there love to get entertainment and for that the application developers have created a number of entertainment applications in order to provide them great enjoyment.

Jiotv Mod Apk is a very fabulous entertainment application which is famous all over India and also in different regions of the world. It is considered as one of the best entertainment applications because it covers over 800 channels that are very hard to find in any other entertainment application. Jiotv Mod Apk has been downloaded by billions of users from all over the world and the craze is very high. Basically, Jiotv Mod Apk is an all-rounder application which can get all your entertainment needs that you can never get in life. you will actually enjoy the very optimized and user-friendly interface of the application which is specially designed to facilitate the end user.

Jiotv Mod Apk has a great set of features and you will get fully stunned while discovering all the amazing features of this application. Jiotv Mod Apk has so many prospects and features but very few of them are listed in the article written below.

What is Jiotv Apk?

Jiotv Apk will provide you with very high quality and extraordinary engaging and entertainment content. You will feel very much overjoyed as you continue to explore the application as it is providing an immense number of channels and many of them are also live channels so that the users may stay updated. There are a variety of channels which include business, educational, children, animals, movies, dramas, news, sports and a lot more. You can explore the application and watch its full content in your preferred language because it supports more than 15 languages so that you feel very much comforted while watching your favorite shows.

What is Jiotv Mod Apk?

Jiotv Mod Apk will provide the premium version of the application for free so that you can access all the VIP and paid features without paying any charges at all. The advertisement occurrence will also be totally jeopardized so that you can enjoy your content without the interaction of any type of pop up or advertisement. The mod will also unlock greater content for you which is not reachable for the normal audience.

What is Jiotv Mod Apk?

Jiotv Mod Apk is a very magnificent entertainment application where you can find massive entertainment opportunities.

Is Jiotv Mod Apk for android?

Yes, Jiotv Mod Apk is well suitable for the android devices that can be android smartphones and tablets.

How can I watch Jiotv without ads?

Yes, you can watch Jiotv without ads by downloading its mod version.


Enjoy Over 800 Channels

In Jiotv Mod Apk there are over 800 channels that you can view while downloading this single application. There is not much variety even on your television but this application is so fabulous that it is providing you over 800 channels for absolutely free. You do not need to download lots of applications in order to get entertained. All you need to do is to keep this application for all your entertainment needs.

India’s Best Entertainment Application

Jiotv Mod Apk is regarded as the best entertainment application of India because no other entertainment application is capable enough to offer this much features as this application is offering. You will get all types of entertaining content by using this very useful application and that is the reason that it is highly popular and famous in all over India.

Enjoy the “For You” Tab

In Jiotv Mod Apk you can also create a “For You” tab which will make sure that all your favorite videos are there and you can also keep all your favorite type of content in that very tab. So that you do not need to repeatedly search the videos but instead you can simply play the videos from there. This tab is very useful and it will keep you very much relaxed.

Supports Over Fifteen Plus Languages

In Jiotv Mod Apk you will find lots of diversity because this application supports over fifteen plus languages and almost every language used in India is being offered in this application so that you may never face the language barrier and you can enjoy the content in your regional language. You can watch your favourite content in English, Hindi, Tamil, Punjabi, Telugu, Gujarati, Marathi and many other languages so that you may feel very comfortable while watching your desired TV shows.

Enjoy the Music Shows

In Jiotv Mod Apk you can also enjoy various music shows because the application has an abundance of music shows available. There are lots of special channels that only upload musical content and you can also listen to songs on these channels. So if you are a music lover then this application will keep you fully entertained in that regard.

Wonderful Sports Channels

In Jiotv Mod Apk there are lots of sports channels which telecast the live transmissions and you can watch your favorite sports match live by using this application.  You can also watch live cricket and it will be a very comforting feature for you as you do not need to sit in front of a television screen in order to watch your match.

Lots of News Channels

In Jiotv Mod Apk there are lots of news channels available in the application which will keep you updated with every latest happening. You will never fear missing out on any important news because Jiotv Mod Apk will keep you very much updated with all the latest happenings.

Variety of Kids, Educational and Business Channels

In Jiotv Mod Apk there are lots of channels regarding various aspects like you can watch educational and business channels as per your own need because there are many channels regarding these categories. Also you can allow your children to watch various kids channels that are available and they show all types of cartoons to keep the children entertained.

Have Fun Watching Movies

In Jiotv Mod Apk you can also watch lots of movies because this application has a mass collection of movies available. You can watch movies from anywhere in the world and also you can watch the latest movies. The old movies are also available in the application and the movies that are available nowhere, you will definitely find in Jiotv Mod Apk.

Mod Features

Zero Ads Occurrence

The Mod version is so fabulous that there will be zero occurrence of any advertisement while you are using your application.

Premium Available

Mod will provide you the full premium version for absolutely free.


Jiotv Mod Apk, is hence, a very awesome application that will allow you to access all types of entertainment that you have seen before on any other application. The best part of the application is that it offers almost 800 channels to its users so that they can easily watch any type of content on this application. You can also watch various news and sports channels to get yourself very much updated. So from all means Jiotv Mod Apk is a very good and fantastic application and is a must download for every person.


Q. Is Jiotv Mod Apk safe to use?

Yes, Jiotv Mod Apk is very safe to use.

Q. Can I use Jiotv Mod Apk for free?

Yes, you can use Jiotv Mod Apk for free.

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