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The smartphones do not work the same anymore without the games and apps. These two are the important elements now which people download at any cost. The Google Play Store for the Android users and the Apple app store for the iOS users is full of multiple apps and games that resemble their interests.

There are some versions of the original apps and games that everybody cannot just download from the platforms like Google play store and Apple app store. The reason is that the modified apps are not available on these platforms. That’s why people try to look around and see where they can find all such games and apps.

Happy Mod APK is a platform that can help you find millions of games and apps in their original and all possible modified versions. Therefore we are going to talk about in this article and see why this platform contains all such apps and how it works.

What is Happy Mod APK?

Happy Mod APK is an excellent application that will provide you with more than 1 million apps and games in both APK and Mod APK versions. On this application you can find any such application which is hard to download from Google play store or Apple app store just because these are the edited apps. This is the basic speciality of this application that makes it stand out.

Happy Mod APK is totally free to use and you can easily find the apps and games of your choice within a few seconds. The downloaded apps and games are always safe so you do not have to worry about any security threats attacking the personal data present in your respective device.

What is Mod APK?

Mod APK is basically that format of the apps and games which comes with more and enhanced features. These versions of the apps and games are usually modified and also considered as the cheat ones. These versions contain all those features which are either locked, or simply do not exist in the regular apps and games.

These installation files are developed by another party that can make any changes in the app or game whenever they want. Any mobile application or game can have it’s mod version which is available on There is a reason behind developing and launching these modified versions.

Many people want to explore the paid features of the apps but they couldn’t do it. Either they are unable to afford them or they do not want to spend money on something like this. That’s why the Mod APK files help them enjoy all those features for free without buying any kind of subscriptions.

Why is the Happy Mod APK not Available on Google Play Store?

Happy Mod APK is not available on the Google play store for a specific reason. This platform doesn’t contain the edited, modified or cheat apps and games in their list. That is why it is impossible to find any APK or Mod APK format file on Google play store including the Happy Mod APK.

Can I Find any Type of App on Happy Mod APK?

Yes, you can literally find any app or game on Happy Mod APK. This platform is developed in a certain way to facilitate all users and provide them with the various versions of the games and apps they want to download.

Is it Illegal to Use Happy Mod APK?

As we mentioned earlier, the mod version of the apps and games are usually the cheat and edited versions. The original developers do not approve them and thus you have great chances of getting banned once you are caught using them.

That is why Happy Mod APK is considered to be illegal and you might get banned. But if you are using an anti-ban in your device or app, then it might help you. Plus you can also use this platform for the research and study purposes if you are working on new apps so it won’t be considered an illegal task to download this app.

What are Other Apps or Websites like Happy Mod APK?

The websites serving the purposes just like that Happy Mod APK are,,, and so many other sites where you can find a variety of apps and games.

Excellent Features of Happy Mod APK

More than 1 Million Apps/Games

This platform has more than 1 Million apps and games that you can find. This is such a large number and it’s obvious that you can find any possible app and game you know the name of. One more point is quite interesting that you will find the apps and games of different countries such as the Japanese, Chinese and Korean apps too. With this variety you can find all of the apps and games you like.

Multiple Varieties

The variety of the apps and games is so big too. You will find games of different types such as car racing, candy matching, puzzles, word plays, battle fighting, shooting, mystery and so many others. This is the variety of games that you will find on Happy Mod APK without any doubt.

Now coming to the apps, you will find the apps like photo and video editing, video and music streaming, work out and health apps, social media and browser apps, cleaner apps and so many others. It is clear that you will definitely find a huge variety on this platform which is hard to find anywhere else.

Free Downloads

The best part of this app is that it always offers games and apps for free. You can download all of them for free without having to purchase any subscriptions. No matter if it’s a paid app or that one that needs a subscription to start working your device, it will be there for you without any charges. This is the quality and value provided by Happy Mod APK that no user can deny.

Unlimited Downloads

If you have so many apps to download then it doesn’t mean that there will be a fixed number of apps and games that you can download from this platform. You will have unlimited access to the downloads of games and apps that you have never expected before from any platform. You can get any of your favorite apps and games without waiting for the 24 hours to be over.

Safe Apps and Games

This is the biggest concern of the users that the games and apps they download are unsafe as they contain viruses and worms. Happy Mod APK eased the users by claiming that all the apps and games present on their platform are absolutely safe to use.

A user will experience no harm to their personal data in their device because the downloaded APK files will never affect their data negatively. In fact those apps will have no access to your private data which could make things fishy.

Regular Updates

There will be regular apps provided to the users who have downloaded the games and apps from this site. Whenever the original apps have an official update then you will be notified so you can update your apps and games accordingly to avail new and better versions of the similar apps.

Fast Downloading

The apps and games that you will be downloading using this app will be fast and quite quick. You won’t have to wait for a longer period of time so your downloads are completed. It will hardly take a minute or so to get your favorite game/app on your device.

Variety of Languages

There is a large variety of languages that you will find on this application. The developers understand that people from different regions of the world do not speak English, but their native mother language. If you are one of those users then you have languages like Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Dutch, Arabic, Spanish, French, Italian, Vietnamese, Thai, German, Indonesian and so on.

Great User Interface

This application has a great user interface that makes a user’s experience so much better. It has been designed very impressively that it provides all the comfort and options to the users right in the front with easy access.

What are Pros of Happy Mod APK?

  • Contains 1 million+ apps and games
  • All versions of games/apps available
  • Regular updates in the downloaded games/apps
  • Free downloads
  • No viruses
  • Several languages

What are Cons of Happy Mod APK?

  • Downloaded apps and games might get banned due to absence of anti-ban
  • App doesn’t entirely serve legal purposes


Happy Mod APK is your go to app if you want to download and use several versions of any regular game or app. You must give this app a try and see how it works for you.

If you are willing to share your valuable feedback with us, then what are you waiting for? Head over to the comment section and write down what you want to share about this app. Your feedback will be valued and appreciated by the team Apkmodget.


Q. Can I download the Happy Mod APK on my PC?

Yes, you can download the Happy Mod APK on your PC or laptop by downloading an Android emulator on your device. In this way you will be able to download this app, and any other apps and games on your PC.

Q. Is Happy Mod APK free?

Yes, Happy Mod APK is free for downloading. One doesn’t need any type of charges or subscriptions to get a hand on this exceptional application.

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