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Are you searching for a premium video streaming application with best features? If yes, then stop here because your search is over now. This article will tell you about the most advanced video streaming app which has many great options that you can use to entertain yourself. Amazon prime video is that app which is worldwide famous and it has millions of users already who are enjoying shows and movies on this application.

Amazon prime video comes in the top 10 apps in the video streaming category. That’s why it has thousands of good reviews and ratings by their users around the world. We can say that this app has unlimited video content to see because you will get hundreds of movies, shows, TV shows, web series and many other video content to see. You will never get bored from it because with every update developers of this app add more video content for their users.

This live video streaming application is very lightweight which means you can easily install it on any good smart device to run this application. Amazon prime video gives their users the best experience because it has great optimization that’s why you will never face any kind of error or lagging issue while using this application. Now let’s go and check out some other main features of amazon prime video app in detail.

What is Amazon Prime Video APK?

Amazon prime video application is launched by amazon mobile LLC developers in standard version which you can download from everywhere on the internet. This application is available on different app stores and websites. In this version you will see many movies and shows but some of them will be paid which means you have to spend your money on them.

There is a unique feature in which you can take paid movies and shows on rent that means you don’t have to give full money for that show. The standard version of amazon prime video app has ads like video and popups. So while watching your favorite shows and movies in this version you will get interrupted because of ads.

What is Amazon Prime Video Mod APK?

Amazon prime video app has a mod version which gives their users unique features and options which you will never see in standard version of amazon prime app. In this version you don’t have to buy their subscription or you don’t need to pay to get rid of ads because the mod version of this app gives everything for free.

So you will get this application for free where you can use all features including premium for free because everything you use in the mod version will be free. You can watch all movies and shows peacefully in this version because there will be no ads. You will be completely free to use everything according to your choice only in the mod version.

Hundreds of Movies

If you are a person who loves to watch movies then this feature is for you because amazon prime video has hundreds of movies of all categories like war, comedy, crime, romance, family, sci-fi, action and many others.

Best thing is that every new update adds more latest movies in this application which means you don’t need to go anywhere to find new movies because you will get everything on amazon prime. You can stream any movie on this application in high quality but if you want to watch amazon originals then you have to purchase the subscription of this application.

Tv Channels

We all love to watch Tv shows too. That’s why amazon prime video app knows how to maintain the interest of their users. In this application you will see more than 100 plus video channels which you can easily watch on this application. You will see channels like HBO, Showtime, Starz, Cinemax, Paramount, Fox, CNN and many others.

You don’t need another application to watch TV because everything is already available in amazon prime video application. You can watch news, sports, music, movies and many different channels on this application. So if you want to watch TV on your mobile device then amazon prime is the best application for this purpose.

Amazon Originals

There are many movies and shows which only launch on amazon prime video platform which means you cannot watch them on any other platform. So if you want to see those famous movies and shows then this application is free to download where you will get all original video content. But to see amazon originals you have to purchase the subscription otherwise you won’t be able to watch them.

Download your Favorites

Sometimes we don’t have an internet connection to stream online which is why amazon prime video app has this useful feature in which you can see all your downloaded content offline. You don’t need an internet connection or mobile data to watch your saved movies and shows.

In this application you can download and save any show or movie without any problem and this feature is very responsive. There are no limits on downloads so you are free to download as much as you want and all you just need is good mobile space storage to save them. You can easily watch your downloaded content anytime anywhere on your mobile offline.

Casting with Other Devices

Casting is a very unique feature because it helps you to share your screen easily on other devices without any effort. Amazon prime app has casting option where you can link your mobile screen with other devices like TV, laptop, Tablet and with some other smart devices.

All you just need to activate this feature then it will automatically find devices nearby or you can do it manually. Casting option is very easy to use and there is no time duration in this option so you can cast as long as you want because nothing will interrupt you while using it.

Huge Video Library

Amazon prime video app is the only video streaming app that has a huge video library where you will see multiple video content like TV shows, movies, web series, seasons, amazon originals and different movies. Which means you have so many options in this application to stream online.

It also has a category box where you will see many different categories like horror, comedy, war, crime, action, sci-fi, drama, thriller, documentaries, animations, anime, suspense and many others. You can choose any category and this app will show you all data regarding that category so you will never face any kind of trouble to search your favorite show in this application.

Behind the Scenes

You will never get this feature in any other video streaming application. Amazon prime video is the only application that has this feature where you can watch behind the scenes of different movies and shows without any problem.

In this portion you will see many different movies and TV shows which you can watch to make fun with your friends and family members. As mentioned above, developers of amazon prime frequently send updates to maintain the quality of their application and for more video content. This is also a reason that people love to use this application because it gives the best services to their streamers.

Create your Own Profile

In amazon prime video you have to create your own profile where you can handle everything. In your profile you can see downloads, watch list, purchases and followings. You can easily manage everything in your profile.

Your profile will tell you about the purchase deadline and it gives you other notifications as well. If you want to share your picture in your account, then you can because it has an option for this purpose. You can also change the settings according to your choice because amazon prime video app lets you make changes.

Search Bar

This feature is also very useful because it saves your time so you can easily find your favorite movie or show by writing the name in the search bar. While having this feature in amazon prime application you don’t need to go anywhere because all you need to do is type in a search bar and within seconds you will get that video content. This feature works really well and shows you results without wasting your time.

No Subscription Needed

This is probably the best feature of the mod version because in this version you don’t need to spend your money to get complete access. You can use the amazon prime video application without any subscription which means this feature saves you a lot of money.

That’s why many people love to use this application in the mod version. You can watch all channels, movies, and TV shows without spending your money because in the mod version you will get everything for free. This version gives their users full access over all features and options which they can use without any limitations.

4k Video Quality

In the standard version of amazon prime video application you cannot watch videos in 4K for free and that means you have to buy the subscription of this application in order to watch movies in 4K quality.

But in the mod version of this app you are free to stream in 4K quality without buying anything because this version provides you with the best and premium features of the amazon prime app for free. You can easily watch all your favorite movies and shows in high definition with just a single click because mod allows you to watch in high quality.

No Advertisements

This is also a great feature by mod version because standard version of amazon prime video has ads in it which you have to see while using this app in standard version. Ads always disturbs that’s why the mod version is giving their users a free solution to this problem.

In the mod version you don’t need to pay to get rid of ads because the mod version doesn’t charge any money. You will never face any kind of disturbance because there will be no ads like videos and popups. You can enjoy amazon prime video all services without any interruption only in mod version for free

All Subtitle Languages Available

This feature is very important because this app is used by millions of people around the globe and many people face difficulties understanding other languages.

That’s why the mod version is providing their users 150 different languages which they can use for the subtitles while watching shows and movies in this application. Standard version doesn’t give you all languages until you buy the subscription but the mod version gives everything for free because this version never asks for the money from their users.

Zero In-app Purchases

No in-app purchases are required ever in this amazing app because everything is already unlocked for free. One does not have to spend his own cash money to get those features of premium quality and unlock many new perks. You can enjoy all of those features without having to make any in-app purchases in this application.


Hundreds of TV channels to watch
Different movies
Multiple shows
Huge media library
Different categories
Casting with other devices
HD video quality
Download your favorite movies and shows
Great user interface


Contains ads in standard version
Have to buy subscription to get complete features in standard version


Amazon prime video is an awesome live video streaming application because it gives you hundreds of movies, shows, TV channels and many other video content to watch. You can use the services of this app anytime anywhere on your mobile phone so you will never get bored from this application. Amazon prime video is a recommended application by their users.

So if you also want to convert your smartphone into a small TV then download amazon prime video app from our website. Stream your favorite video content on this app and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment box.

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