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With Adobe Express, you won’t need to know special design skills to still be able to design cards, posters, flyers, and simple ads for Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Introduce about Adobe Express

Quickly and easily create standout social graphics, flyers, and posters with Adobe Express!

No special tools or skills are required, you can still design your own ads

Advertising design many years ago was the expertise of people with design skills, learned through formal schools, supported by specialized tools on computers such as AI, PhotoShop… These tools are not for Anyone can use, and you also need to learn because they contain many large and small features that are quite complicated.

But in the era of a flat world, nothing is impossible. Forget the software that requires a lot of skill, now you can design basic, beautiful, and professional-looking ads yourself with Adobe Express.

What is Adobe Express?

Adobe Express is a graphic design app right on mobile. With a few simple operations on the intuitive interface, you can quickly create your own promotional works, such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Pinterest ads, flyer design, Invitation tickets, product packaging, and event promotional posters.

Design posters with just one touch

You don’t need to register or have special design skills, just takes a little time at first to get used to the quick features of the app, then just tap and drag to design. Overall it’s very convenient and comfortable, anyone can use it.

There are also quite a few apps with similar design features on mobile, Adobe Express stands out for its ease of use, almost everything is available. You do not need to spend too much effort to set up operations from scratch, the automation in this application is quite high. Thanks to that, you can perform quite complex tasks with extremely few operations. This is a great strength compared to designing apps on smartphones.

What can you do with Adobe Express?

When using Adobe Express, you will feel like a designer in style. The operations are very quick and comfortable. Importantly, you can experiment creatively with every little detail of the design. Try out different layouts, add text, add corner details, and apply effects to different parts of the design, filters can also personalize each other to create a unique product.

With Adobe Express, you can design a lot of things for many different purposes, from personal to study, work, and business. You can design your own unique Story with your own personality on today’s popular social networks. Or you can design ads, posters, flyers, collages, banners, invitations, tickets, business presentations, basic graphics for business…

Easy photo editing

There are normal operations you would have to work hard to perform on a computer, now just 1 or a few touches can be completed. Easily change or delete the old background, then change a new background from the collection available from the application. If you need to resize, Adobe Express lets you do it easily with just one touch.

In addition, when using Adobe Express you can create Gif files, create effects for short videos, create effects for text, effects for images with high quality. When you’re done, don’t forget to share your work on social networks to see what people think!

Adobe Express’s Free Collection

Take advantage of the huge collection of images in royalty-free Adobe Stock, feel free to use Adobe fonts, plus backgrounds, icons, and thousands of different effects and filters, textures, and overlays. Just tap and apply it to the design, soon with your limitless creativity, you can create a true work of art, not inferior to a professional designer working on a PC.

MOD APK version of Adobe Express

MOD feature

Pro Unlocked

Download Adobe Express APK & MOD for Android

Standard Photoshop quality, minimalist interface anyone can use from the first time, number of effects, filters, textures, fonts, rich images rarely seen, and lots of simple customization tools, Adobe Express is the app you should have on your device if you want to design something that is not too complicated on mobile.

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